Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale diamonds are loose diamonds that can be bought directly from wholesale diamond jewelers.
Bova Diamonds is one of the Top 10 jewelry wholesalers in the region, offering high quality loose diamonds.

Have you ever wondered why diamonds in jewelry stores are so expensive?


Diamonds go through different processes before they end up in jewelry stores. Every company that handles each process puts a markup causing the diamonds to be expensive once they reach the jewelry stores. Diamonds go through diamond miners, diamond cutters, diamond market buyers, diamond wholesalers, diamond brokers, until they end up in jewelry stores. Just imagine the mark up that each of them put on to get some profit. This is the very reason why diamonds can be expensive when bought at jewelry stores. Retailers or the jewelry stores usually have limited diamond choices and high markup prices whereas wholesalers have a very large selection where one can choose loose diamonds and have them customized according to their  specifications.


Buying diamonds from the source


Instead of buying diamonds at jewelry stores, there is an option to go directly to wholesale diamond companies and buy jewelry or diamonds there. Wholesale diamond companies get the supply of their diamonds from diamond miners and some from diamond cutters. Wholesale diamond companies have better prices than the retailers who usually have high markup prices. Buying jewelry direct from the source without any middle man involved makes the jewelry more affordable. There are a number of companies that sell wholesale diamonds in Dallas, Texas. One of them is Bova Diamonds. These wholesale diamond companies have their very own diamond cutters with a good experience in customizing diamonds. This is the reason why wholesale diamond sellers can customize diamonds according to the customer’s preference.


Bova Diamonds has been selling diamonds for a combined 30 years in Dallas, Texas


Aside from offering engagement rings, custom designs, in-store jewelry repair, and complimentary jewelry cleaning, Bova Diamonds offers high quality merchandise and friendly service at the best possible prices. The company boasts of its prices and quality which is the reason why customers keep coming back. What distinguishes Bova Diamonds from other wholesale diamond stores is that Bova Diamonds is able to sell millions of dollars worth of loose diamonds every year to retailers across the US. The retailers buying diamonds from Bova Diamonds can afford to buy these diamonds and yet can still make a profit. Bova Diamonds also offers different financial schemes to make the diamonds even more affordable to its customers. There are deals such as deferred interest plans and long term plans. Bova Diamonds values its customers that’s why there are deals to make diamonds affordable to them.


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