Be the first: Engagement ring trends to look out for 2022

Be the first: Engagement ring trends to look out for 2022

Looking back we’ve already listed all the nostalgic jewelry trends of 2021 and as the days go by we are now welcoming 2022, a happy new year for all of us! As we embark on a new year for sure there’s a lot of plans ahead, maybe a date for your special one, or it’s your wedding year, we’ll whatever it is there’s nothing that would complement it better than a piece of beautiful jewelry. Here are some of 2022’s top engagement ring trends. 

Our experts from Bova Diamonds spend their days helping couples find the perfect ring for their perfect days and this gives us the privilege to predict what styles would bloom for the current year. 

Gemstones Engagement Ring

7.5MM COMFORT FIT BAND CF717574W 1 - Be the first: Engagement ring trends to look out for 2022

The number 1 on our list is the gemstones engagement ring. Some couples are developing a love for these non-traditional engagement rings and deciding to go for it. We see a huge potential for these gemstones to be trendy this year because of their uniqueness and one-of-a-kind beauty. Blue sapphires are the most popular alternative stone since they represent love, loyalty, and harmony. We can help you choose a gemstone in a shade that’s just suitable for you since we have gemstones in every hue of the rainbow.

Head over to the Bova Diamond store to see what gemstones suit your style as we offer a wide selection for it. The romantic, individualized impression that we’ll see in-ring styles for 2022 will be achieved by diamonds coupled with other stones or fancy colored diamonds.

An engagement ring that has elegant shapes and cultivated styles

0.35ct 14k Rose Gold Diamond Cluster Ring SC66001251 - Be the first: Engagement ring trends to look out for 2022

Spectacular detail is what couples that get this style of the ring are looking for. Diamonds that have fancy shapes and unusual metals like rose gold are trendy nowadays. Diamonds that have a fancy cut are often not expensive but round cut diamonds are an exception due to their popularity. But some unique cut diamonds are quite expensive due to their uniqueness in detail. 

Contact our experts to help you find your one-of-a-kind engagement ring that has spectacular details.

Engagement ring for our Environment-friendly couples: Lab Diamonds

labgrownvsmined 1024x576 - Be the first: Engagement ring trends to look out for 2022

We are also seeing a boom in these lab-grown diamonds and this has been the primary choice for couples who aim to save the environment. Lab-grown diamonds will set the trend this year as many couples are using this for their gemstones. Lab diamonds leave minimal impact on our planet as they are developed in labs with complete man-made efforts and technology, they don’t require mining the earth’s crust. We think that having a love for your partner as well as for the environment is not a bad choice, is it?

Fancy hue for your fancy ring: Yellow Gold DIamonds

18K WHITE AND YELLOW GOLD YELLOW DIAMOND CENTER WHITE DIAMOND HALO ENGAGEMENT RING FM30880FY 18WY - Be the first: Engagement ring trends to look out for 2022

Sun-colored diamonds are set to trend this year as more and more couples are getting hyped with its fancy hue and also with the rising popularity of rose gold and platinum metals. In recent years yellow diamonds still remain in the market but have been a second choice for many couples as other designs are blooming. Yellow diamonds give out bright and intense colors and they really do attract attention. Yellow diamond engagement rings will be popular this year as individuals experiment with accentuated diamonds and gemstones.

Final Verdict

What do you think of our trend predictions this 2022? Do you think that we predicted most of them? Are there any styles you think we missed? Please let us know. You can also see in our store all of these to be trend styles for 2022. So what are you waiting for? Search for that one-of-a-kind ring that will suit your style and be the first for these engagement ring trends.